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Eredeti Fény Zen Közösség és Templom

Zen meditation in Mihwangsa Temple, South Korea

2019. október 3. 11:00 - 2019. október 10. 11:00

   "Take a good look at yourself! You are already saved.
   You are original Buddha. You are overflowing with happiness and glory.
   To talk of paradise or heaven is to be talking in your sleep.
   Take a good look at yourself!
   All truths are within you.
  To look for truth outside yourself is to search for water outside of  ocean." 

                            -Ven . Song-Chol

We  welcome you to experience korean zen (Ganhwa Seon) in South Korea.

Mihwangsa Temple

Mihwangsa is a temple located at the southern most end of Korean Peninsula which has a history of approximately 1277 years. This 1277-year-old Buddhist temple offer you an authentic Korean zen (Ganhwa seon).

Ganhwa Seon is the core teaching of “Patriarchal chan“ (K:seon J:zen) from Master Huineng of the six Dynasty period. “The zen of examining meditative topics“ is an intensive Korean method of meditation, which involves generating a profound sense of questioning or doubt.

Presiding Seon Master: Kum Gang Sunim
Kum Gang Sunim

Kum Gang Sunim became a monk in 1982 and not only graduated from Joong-ang Sangha university but also was training hold the “movement of the true being” under the guidance of Zen master Seo Ong at Baegyangsa. He became abbot of Mihwangsa since 2000 also has been running this intensive Seon retreat (*scent of the true being) once a month since 2005. In addition to he has served chaplaincy for local community.

Instructor Seon Master : Chong An Sunim
Chong An Sunim

Chong An Sunim started Zen practice in 1990,in Budapest, Hungary, and become  monk in 1994 and spent six years training under the guidance of Zen Master Seung Sahn at the Seoul international Zen Center, Hwa Gaye Sa, Korea. He is abbot of Won Kwang Sa Zen Temple in the Pilis Mountains,close to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.


Date of arrival: 3rd of October, 13.00 pm

Daily schedule: 05.00am~10.00pm

Sitting meditation
Interview with Seon master
Dharma talk
Silence meditation
Formal monastic meal (Barugongyang)
For dinner we offer a cup of  tomato or carrot juice 
Tea ceremony

Who can participate?
20~65 years old person (number of participants 30 people maximum)

2~4 bed are available for men and women

Food uses seasonal vegetables


How much does it cost?
420$ or 500.000won/person

Submission email address:

Application form:

Enquirers: dalmaom@hanmail.net
Website: www.mihwangsa.com

Address: Jeollanam-do Haenam-gum,Songji-Myeon ,Mihwangsa-Gil 164, South Korea
Tel: 82-061-533-3521 Fax: 0303)3130-3521



By Express Bus (from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal)

I. From Central City Bus Terminal
(subway line number 7 Exit 3 and/or subway line 3 Exit 7)
Take bus to HAENAM (It takes about 5 hours)
Bus Departure Time

II. From Heanam Station
1) Take bus to Mihwagsa (It takes about 40minutes)
Bus Departure Time
14:05 (2:05pm)
16:50 (4:50pm)
2) If the bus has departed for Mihwangsa, take the bus to Sanjeong or Wolsong and from there take a taxi to Mihwangsa.
(The taxi is available at the Wolsong bus stop or Sanjeong bus stop and it will cost about 8,000~9,000won to Mihwangsa)

III. From Incheon Airport
1. In front of the airport building cross the sidewalk.
2. Take the express bus from Incheon airport going to Gwangju of Jeollanam-do in front of number 09C
(There’s a bus to Gwangju every 40-min. and the time allotted is 4 hours and 30-minutes.)
Be careful! There’s another city with the same named “Gwangju”! You have to buy a ticket to Gwangju of Jeollanam-do.
3. Transfer the bus going to Sanjeong or Wolsong from Gwangju in the same bus terminal in Gwangju. It will take 2-hour.
4. Get off the bus in Sanjeong of Wolsong and from there take a taxi to Mihwangsa.
(The taxi is available at the Wolsong bus stop or Sanjeong bus stop and it will cost about 8,000~9,000won to Mihwangsa).

Train (from Yongsan rail station to Naju rail station)
1. Yongsan train station time table
If you arrive at Naju rail station before 12:45pm, we could provide shuttle bus .

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