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Donation and overhead costs

Dear Friends and Fellow Practitioners,

It has been seven years since we introduced the ‘donations only’ system in our temple. In light of our experience and in order to maintain our temple’s financial health, we need to separate overhead costs from donations.

The material aspect of staying at Wonkwangsa is quite clear. We all use the premises for our practice day and night, take meals and have a well-deserved rest at the end of the day. We should safely cover all these expenses, while we maintain the donation-based support of our precious Dharma.

We are asking all participants to separately pay the overhead costs, as well as donate a voluntary amount for the teaching. The amount is 20 EUR / 25 USD / 100 ILS per person per day. This includes meals. One-day events including all ceremonies remain donation-based only.

Overhead costs per person per day are as follows.

— weekend Zen camp / Zen retreat (net 3 days, from Thursday pm to Sunday pm)
60 EUR / 75 USD / 300 ILS
— 10-day retreat ( net 10 days, from Thursday pm to next Sunday pm)
200 EUR / 250 USD / 1,000 ILS
— 90-day retreat
1-30 days: 20 EUR / 25 USD / 100 ILS
31-60 days: 18 EUR / 21 USD / 90 ILS
61-90 days: 16 EUR /17 USD / 80 ILS

Having received a confirmation from us that your application has been received, please transfer at least a 20% deposit to our temple bank account or PayPal account. Options later may include TransferWise and Venmo, please see our home page for updates. The transfer concludes your application for the temple event.

Do not make any travel arrangements before you have received our confirmation of your transfer. Also, if you are put on a waiting list, you do not need to make any advance payment. If you are from a country where banking costs are prohibitively high, you may be exempt from this condition. Please send us your request as part of your application.

If you cancel your participation up to 7 days before the event, your deposit will be refunded excluding the transfer fees. If you cancel later, you may lose your deposit unless we have another applicant taking your seat. If you begin the retreat and chose to depart before the end, the deposit is not refunded.

You may settle the balance of the overhead costs in the temple office, either in cash or via wire transfer. This is the best time to give a donation for the help and teaching you have received.

The above system helps all of us maintain a correct spiritual and financial relationship with our temple. This is our common ground that helps us progress into the future and realize our shared vision as a practicing Dharma-family.

We humbly ask for your support so that we could progress on the Path together and make this world a better place for all beings.

Our spiritual responsibility and moral sensitivity create a strong imperative to support our tradition. Your donation means much more than just financial contribution. You help and foster the continued existence of a lineage that helps all beings to attain enlightenment and create a better life on this planet with non-dualistic wisdom and selfless compassion.

There are many ways to donate and many brackets you can fill, please see the enclosed document.

Our shared vision may only be realized with concerted effort. If we join hands, we put our temple on stable and lasting foundation both spiritually and materially. In this way, we can serve for generations to wake up and save all beings from suffering.

Thank you for your continued practice and help!

Up to 2,000 EUR, please donate through the PayPal account of Original Light Zen Temple,

Above 2,000 EUR, please transfer your donation to the temple bank account:
Name: Eredeti Fény Zen Közösség
Address: 2500 Esztergom, Fári kút 9867
Bank: Duna Takarék Bank
Bank Address: 9022 Győr, Árpád út 93. Hungary
IBAN: HU25 58600575-50040355

We sincerely appreciate your generosity.
Let us strive to practice more and attain the Great Way together!

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